Continued Professional Development


CPD Fitness Professionals


REPs Malta require all registered exercise professionals to undertake a minimum amount of CPD every 2 years. REPs Malta uses a point-based system to record and document this ongoing learning and development. An exercise professional must earn 30 CPD points every 2 years by completing courses approved by REPs Malta and producing evidence of this when renewing membership.


The amount of REPs Malta endorsed CPD is currently limited as the requirement for CPD to be approved is a recent introduction, with this in mind, the introduction of registered members submitting 30 CPD points every 2 years will be implemented in a phased approach. It is anticipated that the availability of REPs Malta approved CPD courses will grow in availability to offer a wide range of opportunities and topics to exercise professionals. The types of CPD courses that will be available are as follows:


Assessed (5-15 CPD Points)

Non-Assessed (2-8 CPD Points)

Informal (0/5-2 CPD Points)

Event (0/5-2 CPD Points)


REPs Malta will welcome approaches from all providers of CPD to gain approval and will accept CPD courses offered by higher education, universities and independent international REPs approved providers .


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REPs Malta Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Requirements


As a Approved Training Provider with REPs Malta, you are committed to industry standards

and ongoing professional development.

Continuing education helps advance your career and improve your existing skills as well as

developing new ones. Your ongoing professional development involves completing 20 Continuous

Professional Development points (CPD) every two years, in order to maintain your registration. CPD points are the units used to measure continuing education and can be gained through a variety of different avenues. 30 CPD points are the minimum required; however, you can complete more than this if you wish.


REPs Malta encourages approved training providers to gain CPD from a wide range of sources, to broaden and enhance your performance as an exercise professional. There are four different categories for CPD, and they are as follows:

  1. Assessed (5-15 CPD Points)

This form of CPD will have a mandatory assessment (formative or summative) linked to the

programme learning aims and outcomes. Guided Learning Hours (GLH) must be a minimum

of 10 hours and incorporate the assessment, pre-course study and break times. All training

must be underpinned by current, valid research and be evidence based.

  1. Non-Assessed (2-8 CPD Points)

A non-assessed programme will not have a formal assessment but will include formative

learning checks e.g. quizzes, group work, case studies etc. Guided Learning Hours (GLH) must

be a minimum of 6 hours. Non-Assessed training programmes can be delivered online or

face to face. All training must be underpinned by current, valid research and be evidence


  1. Informal (0.5-2 CPD Points)

Informal training does not require formal learning checks as it is predominantly research,

practical training or self-directed learning e.g. short workshops, master classes etc. However,

all training in this category must be underpinned by current, valid research and be evidence


  1. Event (0.5-2 CPD Points)

This form of CPD is for organised shared learning opportunities, including online e.g.

conferences, seminars, forums, webinars and practical demonstrations.

REPs Malta will accept CPD courses offered by training providers who have been approved through our Professional Standards Committee.

  • Only REPs Malta approved training professionals can use the approved CPD points
  • A minimum of 15 CPD points must come through assessed training every 2 years
  • A approved Professional may not be accepted onto a training course where they are

registered at a category level below the level of the training. i.e.: A Fitness Instructor/Group

Exercise Instructor L3 will not be able to attend a L4 CPD course

  • Where a CPD course in non-levelled, such as a workshop, seminar, conference etc, any

registered professional can attend, and claim CPD points

  • Registered members must keep a record of participation or completion of all CPD activities. Evidence in the form of a certificate of completion, attendance certificate, signed statement, receipts or other forms of evidence will be required to be submitted to REPs Malta when renewing membership



REPs Malta Continuous Professional Development/Lifelong Learning Summary list


To promote a diverse professional development, the following list indicates the maximum number of credits that will be accepted in any 2year period from any given CPD source.


Type of Training                                 Maximum points per 2 years

Assessed                                                 No limit

Non-Assessed                                         15 points

Informal                                                     2 points

Event                                                         2 points

Non-approved (1 point per 2 hours)           2 points

Other CPD *from international registers     5 points

In house training *1 point per 4 hours       2 points