REPs Malta Standards

Standards for Individuals and Facilities


Standards play a pivotal role in our sector by setting uniform benchmarks that guarantee quality and safety. They cultivate trust, enhance efficiency, and propel the industry towards growth and innovation. REPs Malta’s Standards are crafted through extensive collaboration with industry experts, outlining the occupational roles and the requisite skills for those roles. These standards, accessible to accredited providers and REPs Malta members, strive to be in harmony with both national and  international qualification frameworks. For more information on these progressive standards and how they apply to professional qualifications, please reach out to us.


REPs Malta adheres to industry-specific standards for various exercise and fitness instruction areas encompassed by the register.


These Occupational Standards detail the necessary skills, knowledge, and competence for working as a fitness instructor. REPs Malta serves as an assurance that instructors meet these criteria, demonstrating their ability to adhere to these standards, typically through obtaining an approved qualification that covers all aspects outlined in these standards. The standards are founded on the Europe Active Standards and “ICREPs Global Standards,” formulated by the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals, an umbrella organization for fitness registers to which REPs Malta belongs.


These standards provide a framework for educational providers to develop courses, for employers to structure their staffing, and for instructors to assess their competencies and plan their career progression.