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Why register with the Register of Exercise Professionals Malta (REPs Malta)?

Registration goes beyond merely augmenting a fitness instructor’s professional appearance with a symbol of credibility. It establishes a clear distinction between thoroughly trained and dedicated instructors and those lacking substantial education or commitment. Membership in REPs Malta assures that Fitness Professionals possess recognised and validated credentials and are devoted to continual professional growth.


Launched in 2020 recognised by Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector as a non profit organisation, the Registry of Exercise Professionals Malta (REPs Malta) stands as a dedicated, independent registry that validates the credentials and specialisation of fitness professionals in Malta. By implementing a rigorous regulatory system, REPs Malta assures that instructors,trainers and teachers adhere to the national and international standards set for health and fitness professionals.

The establishment of REPs Malta aims to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals participating in physical fitness activities by providing the public and employers with the reassurance that all registered professionals meet the requisite qualifications for their roles. This registry is pivotal in certifying that professionals in the fitness industry have the necessary expertise, ability, and skills to offer effective guidance and training.

Focusing on essential areas of fitness, such as group fitness, personal training, Pilates, and Yoga, REPs Malta engages in partnerships with various stakeholders, including employers, educational institutions, and government agencies, to promote its mission.

Initiated with the goal of enhancing the quality and professionalism of fitness experts in Malta, REPs Malta is now a key player in a global network of exercise professional registers. Being a part of the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) and World Active Federation (WAF) it benefits from international collaboration and standards, elevating the professional landscape for fitness experts worldwide.


REPs Malta collaborates closely with the fitness community in Malta to realize a common ambition for the sector, which includes:

  • Elevating standards and professionalism within the industry.
  • Contributing to the fight against obesity and related health conditions.
  • Achieving wider recognition for the fitness sector.
  • Building trust and esteem among health professionals.
  • Expanding the industry through improved business performance, increased member retention, and the development of the training sector.
  • Offering clear guidance for employers, the public, government entities, and the media.
  • Advocating for the importance of physical activity and fitness starting from a young age.
  • Establishing itself as a pioneering force in the global fitness industry.

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  • Ensuring that fitness professionals in Malta possess the necessary qualifications and expertise is pivotal for safeguarding the public and enhancing the safety and security of Malta’s citizens. This approach also plays a crucial role in promoting their health and well-being.


  • REPs Malta has implemented a framework of standards, qualifications, and training that is of exceptional quality and aligns with global benchmarks, ensuring a comprehensive and world-class system within the local fitness industry.


  • By doing so, REPs Malta aims to elevate the trust, confidence, and credibility of the fitness sector, guaranteeing that fitness services are delivered in an environment that is not only high in quality but also healthy, safe, and governed by ethical practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

What is REPs Malta?

REPs Malta serves as a public registry that acknowledges the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals in Malta.

Who's recognizing REPs Malta?

REPs Malta is recognised by Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and internationally by International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) and World Active Federation (WAF) .

Regardless of the legal situation REPs Malta encourages all fitness professionals to register and calls on all employers to back REPs Malta to increase professionalism in the industry.

Membership in REPs Malta indicates that an exercise professional:

– Meets the nationally recognized occupational standards.

– Possesses recognized and accredited qualifications.

– Has been independently assessed and verified as competent in their professional capacity.

– Demonstrates a commitment to continuous professional development.

We highly encourage members of the public seeking the services of an exercise professional to verify their registration by searching our member database.

What types of registration categories are available?

Fitness Instructor (EQF/MQF L3)

Group Fitness Instructor (EQF/MQF L3)

Personal Trainer (EQF/MQF L4)

Pilates Teacher matwork (EQF/MQF L4)

Yoga Teacher (EQF/MQF L4)

Advanced Fitness Specialist (EQF/MQF Level 5 )

Medical Exercise Specialist (EQF/MQF level 6 )

Who is responsible for establishing the standards?

The standards were devised by REPs Malta in collaboration with training providers and employers, aligning with the Global Standards for fitness issued by the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), EuropeActive, and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS). This alignment ensures that Malta’s practices meet the best global standards, demonstrating commitment to excellence in the fitness industry at an international level.

What is ICREPs?

ICREPs stands for the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals, serving as the worldwide governing entity for REPs registries across the globe. Currently, countries with a REPs register and ICREPs membership include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UAE, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. ICREPs imposes rigorous criteria on its members, such as REPs Malta, to ensure they meet high standards of professional registration. Membership in ICREPs provides a platform for sharing best practices in professional registration and facilitates international mobility among registers. REPs Malta, like its counterparts, is a full member of ICREPs and participates in their annual board meetings, contributing to and benefiting from the global exercise professional community.

What is CPD?

Staying current with their skills and knowledge is crucial for exercise professionals. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) involves exercise professionals engaging in additional courses, workshops, conferences, or other activities that enhance their skill set. Members of REPs are required to complete around 20 hours of CPD activities within a two-year span and to record their CPD “points,” where typically, one point corresponds to an hour of learning.

How much does it cost?

It costs €60 (VAT incl.) per year to be a member of REPs Malta

Is first aid or CPR training necessary for REPs Malta registration?

Yes, possessing a current CPR certification is a prerequisite for registering with REPs Malta.

How do I become a qualified fitness professional?

To qualify as a fitness professional and join REPs Malta, it’s essential to obtain a recognized certification from a training provider that REPs Malta approves. For a list of such approved training providers, please refer to the “Approved Provider” section on our website.

What if my qualifications were obtained outside of Malta?

For qualifications acquired outside of Malta, REPs Malta acknowledges those recognized by ICREPs, EREPs, and the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA). However, mere registration status is insufficient; we require documentation of both the obtained qualification and the registration status for validation.

What should I do if my qualifications are significantly dated?

REPs Malta evaluates each application individually, considering not only the certificates but also the applicant’s CV and any continuing education completed. Based on this comprehensive review, we decide whether to grant full or provisional membership status.

Is it possible to register with REPs Malta with a degree in sports?

Degrees in sports-related fields (such as sports science, sports management, sports coaching, etc.) are acknowledged for providing a substantial level of theoretical knowledge relevant to the sport and fitness industry within Malta. However, these degrees often lack comprehensive proof of practical fitness skills, which are essential according to Maltese standards. Consequently, while university graduates are highly educated and possess advanced certification from 3 to 5 years of study, they may initially receive provisional status on REPs Malta. To achieve full registration, they must submit additional evidence of their practical fitness instruction capabilities.

How does REPs Malta evaluate applications for yoga instructors?

REPs Malta connects with globally acknowledged yoga accreditation systems, focusing especially on credentials from Registered Yoga School (RYS) with a 200-hour standard or higher, as recognized by Yoga Alliance and . Additionally, yoga-related degrees and master’s degrees are accepted. To accurately assess yoga certifications and determine an instructor’s eligibility for REPs Malta, we consult with a “yoga advisor.” This advisor possesses in-depth knowledge of yoga certifications and advises us on whether a specific certification meets the RYS 200 standard or its equivalent.

What is the World Active Federation?

The World Active Federation is the first global federation for the health, fitness, and physical activity sector, established to promote physical activity with the mission of getting “more people, more active, more often.” Formed at the World Active General Assembly in 2023, it aims to unite national fitness federations from across the globe under a single banner. The federation seeks to collaborate with international organizations like WHO to improve global health standards. Through equal representation and the sharing of best practices, the World Active Federation focuses on global health improvements and the promotion of physical activity, leveraging annual summits and strategic partnerships to achieve its objectives.

Can I get a course approved for CPD points?

Indeed, we have a structured process in place for evaluating courses and assigning CPD points. Please reach out to our office for more detailed information.

How much time is required to process my application?

For applications involving qualifications listed in our published directory, the processing time is typically between 1 to 4 working days. However, for applications that include qualifications not listed or are categorized as ‘other,’ the process may extend. Such cases can take up to one month to evaluate, depending on the completeness and nature of the evidence submitted, and may require assessment by an independent review panel.

How is my registration fee utilized, and is REPs Malta a "for-profit" organization?

REPs Malta functions as a non-profit organization, adhering to the criteria set by ICREPs for its membership. This non-profit status is maintained through annual financial reviews by the Chair of ICREPs, who is also a member of the REPs Malta Board. Since REPs Malta does not receive government grants, all operational revenues come from member registrations. These funds are allocated to cover expenses such as office rent and equipment, salaries for four staff members, external consultancy fees, the maintenance of the website, production of a magazine, and the issuance of ID cards, among other operational costs.

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